Source code for pysatModels.models.ucar_tiegcm

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Support loading data from files generated using TIEGCM model.

TIEGCM (Thermosphere Ionosphere Electrodynamics General Circulation Model)
file is a netCDF file with multiple dimensions for some variables.



import datetime as dt
import functools
import warnings

import pysat

from pysatModels.models.methods import general

logger = pysat.logger

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Instrument attributes

platform = 'ucar'
name = 'tiegcm'
tags = {'': 'UCAR TIE-GCM file'}
inst_ids = {'': ['']}

# specify using xarray (not using pandas)
pandas_format = False

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Instrument test attributes

_test_dates = {'': {'': dt.datetime(2019, 1, 1)}}
_test_download = {'': {'': False}}

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Instrument methods

clean = general.clean

[docs]def init(self): """Initialize the Instrument object with instrument specific values.""" self.acknowledgements = "".join([ "References and information about TIEGCM are available at ", ""]) refs = [" ".join(("Dickinson, R. E., E. C. Ridley and R. G. Roble, A", "three-dimensional general circulation model of the", "thermosphere, J. Geophys. Res., 86, 1499-1512, 1981.")), " ".join(("Dickinson, R. E., E. C. Ridley and R. G. Roble,", "Thermospheric general circulation with coupled", "dynamics and composition, J. Atmos. Sci., 41, 205-219,", "1984.")), " ".join(("Roble, R. G., and E. C. Ridley, An auroral model for", "the NCAR thermospheric general circulation model", "(TGCM), Annales Geophys., 5A, 369-382, 1987.")), " ".join(("Roble, R. G., E. C. Ridley and R. E. Dickinson, On the", "global mean structure of the thermosphere, J. Geophys.", "Res., 92, 8745-8758, 1987.")), " ".join(("Roble, R. G., E. C. Ridley, A. D. Richmond and R. E.", "Dickinson, A coupled thermosphere/ionosphere general", "circulation model, Geophys. Res. Lett., 15, 1325-1328,", "1988.")), " ".join(("Richmond, A. D., E. C. Ridley and R. G. Roble, A", "Thermosphere/Ionosphere General Circulation Model with", "coupled electrodynamics, Geophys. Res. Lett., 19,", "601-604, 1992.")), " ".join(("Roble, R. G., and E. C. Ridley, A", "thermosphere-ionosphere-mesosphere-electrodynamics", "general circulation model (TIME-GCM): equinox solar", "cycle minimum simulations (30-500 km), Geophys. Res.", "Lett., 21, 417-420, 1994.")), " ".join(("Roble, R. G., Energetics of the mesosphere and", "thermosphere, AGU, Geophysical Monographs, eds. R. M.", "Johnson and T. L. Killeen, 87, 1-22, 1995.")), " ".join(("Wang, W., M. Wiltberger, A. G. Burns, S. Solomon, T. L.", "Killeen, N. Maruyama, and J. Lyon, Initial results", "from the CISM coupled magnetosphere-ionosphere-", "thermosphere (CMIT) model: thermosphere ionosphere ", "responses, J. Atmos. Sol.-Terr. Phys., 66, 1425-1442,", "doi:10.1016/j.jastp.2004.04.008, 2004.")), " ".join(("Solomon, S. C., and L. Y. Qian, Solar", "extreme-ultraviolet irradiance for general circulation", "models, J. Geophys. Res., 110, A10306,", "doi:10.1029/2005JA011160, 2005.")), " ".join(("Qian, L., A. G. Burns, B. A. Emery, B. Foster, G. Lu,", "A. Maute, A. D. Richmond, R. G. Roble, S. C. Solomon,", "and W. Wangm, The NCAR TIE-GCM: A community model of", "the coupled thermosphere/ionosphere system, in", "Modeling the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System, AGU", "Geophysical Monograph Series, 2014."))] self.references = "\n".join((refs)) return
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Instrument functions # # Use local and default pysat methods # Set the list_files routine fname = 'tiegcm_icon_merg2.0_totTgcm.s_{day:03d}_{year:4d}.nc' supported_tags = {'': {'': fname}} list_files = functools.partial(pysat.instruments.methods.general.list_files, supported_tags=supported_tags)
[docs]def load(fnames, tag='', inst_id='', **kwargs): """Load TIE-GCM data using xarray. Parameters ---------- fnames : array-like Iterable of filename strings, full path, to data files to be loaded. This input is nominally provided by pysat itself. tag : str Tag name used to identify particular data set to be loaded. This input is nominally provided by pysat itself. (default='') inst_id : str Instrument ID used to identify particular data set to be loaded. This input is nominally provided by pysat itself. (default='') **kwargs : dict Passthrough for additional keyword arguments specified when instantiating an Instrument object. These additional keywords are passed through to this routine by pysat. Returns ------- data : xarray.Dataset pysat formatted xarray Dataset meta : pysat.Metadata Model run meta data Note ---- Any additional keyword arguments passed to pysat.Instrument upon instantiation are passed along to this routine. Examples -------- :: inst = pysat.Instrument('ucar', 'tiegcm') inst.load(2019, 1) """ # TODO(#114): eventually remove support for multiple pysat versions if hasattr(pysat.utils, 'io'): data, meta =, pandas_format=False, epoch_name='time', decode_times=True) else: data, meta = pysat.utils.load_netcdf4(fnames, pandas_format=False) # Move misc parameters from xarray to the Instrument object via Meta # doing this after the meta ensures all metadata is still kept # even for moved variables meta.p0 = data['p0'] meta.p0_model = data['p0_model'] meta.grav = data['grav'] meta.mag = data['mag'] meta.timestep = data['timestep'] # Remove these variables from xarray data = data.drop(['p0', 'p0_model', 'grav', 'mag', 'timestep']) return data, meta
[docs]def download(date_array, tag, inst_id, data_path=None, **kwargs): """Download UCAR TIE-GCM (placeholder). Doesn't do anything. Parameters ---------- date_array : array-like List of datetimes to download data for. The sequence of dates need not be contiguous. tag : str Tag identifier used for particular dataset. This input is provided by pysat. inst_id : str Instrument ID string identifier used for particular dataset. This input is provided by pysat. data_path : str or NoneType Path to directory to download data to. (default=None) **kwargs : dict Additional keywords supplied by user when invoking the download routine attached to a pysat.Instrument object are passed to this routine via kwargs. Note ---- This routine is invoked by pysat and is not intended for direct use by the end user. """ warnings.warn('Not implemented in this version.') return